Paris. Metro

Going underground in Paris with photographers Holger Nitschke, Herr Merzi, Make up artist Ilka Preuth & Model Naomi. November, 2017.

Webitorial JUTE Fashion Magazine

Photography by Julia Blank, Head pieces by Bartholomäus Wischnewski, Styling by Beata Isabella Nitzke, Hair & Make up by Rahel Taebert, Model Marie Magdalena (Tune Models)

The "Impossible Fashion Project"

To close the circle made of photography & fashion.
Photography: Bartholomäus Wischnewski & Stefan Merz / Herr Merzi Polaroidography, Models Nike Malin, Arielle Lucena Dumont & Ariel, Studio: Mintstudio Darmstadt. Photos taken with: Polaroid SX-70 on Impossible Films, Medium format on Ilford Films - Bartholomäus Wischnewski. Large format on Impossible Films & orig. Polaroids – Stefan Merz.

Behind the curtain

Analog photography meet-up-project. Published in Photoklassik 2017 / 1

Photography / styling / concept: Bartholomäus Wischnewski (medium format / scan YASHICA & MUDAN), Model: Selina Mills, Make up & Hair: Tatjana Gieske / Obsidian Mua, Meet up photographers: Stefan Merz & Joachim Wegmann, Location: Cirque Convoy Exceptionell

Desaturate mind - Editorial for BIGSHOT 360 FASHION ENTERTAINMENT Magazine

Photography: Benjamin Becker, Model: Christina Krumbach, Make up & hair: Kerry J. Hajdu, Assistance: Denise Beinlich.


Photography: Julia Blank, Model: Luja (M4 Models), Make up: Kerstin J. Hajdu, Styling: Susi Bauer.

Siren's song

Photography: Hannes Casper, Artist/Model: Jack Woodhead, Make-up artist: Grete Pfleger.